Outside Insight

Exhibition and Concert Series

Opens 22 September 2017 at the Silk Mill, Frome

Hans Borgonjon

Hans has created a series of sculptures from 400 year old pieces of oak, originally the framework of ancient Flemish weaving looms.

In the lowlands of the 16th and 17th Century, looms would have been part of many households. Weaving tapestry and textiles would have provided a much-needed means for extra income, especially for women.

The 17th Century loom was very sophisticated, had many parts and would have been very valuable and expensive to buy. This is why many of the looms were decorated quite elaborately with carving and moulding.

Hans has separated and transformed all the components of the weaving looms into standalone sculptures. Sometimes the form is changed and the surface given different textures.

The wooden sculptures sit on a metal stand. Gold leaf is applied to specific areas. The original metal ironwork components have been left in place in some cases. The results are impressive human height sculptures that are contemporary and hark back to Hans’ Flemish roots and his family tree, which has ancestors residing in the same village in Flanders since the 16th century.

Some of the work is on a smaller scale. The sculptures can be displayed both inside and outside.

‘The Judge’

400 year old oak, metal and gold leaf, 2016