Outside Insight

Exhibition and Concert Series

Opens 22 September 2017 at the Silk Mill, Frome

Rosalind Robinson

My paintings and drawings are inspired by early Flemish portraiture and by the tradition of still life painting. The portraits are concerned with the emotional quality of facial expression combined with the ambiguity of unexpected costume.

I make drawings from life as an essential part of my process in creating the portraits.  In these drawings I attempt to discover how the features of the face fit together to create the individuality of the sitter.

Inevitably, a new version of the person in front of me emerges. I take ownership of this new version and make subtle changes in the placing, or the weight of line, to alter the implied narrative of facial expression.

This transformation can be exciting, and often inspires me to make a painting from the drawing. In the painting I create yet another version of the sitter on which I have imposed more of my own thoughts. I find this constant recreation of new personna is totally absorbing.

The still life paintings are an exploration of the play of light over different surfaces and an attempt to create harmonic relationships between unlikely combinations of objects. These objects in turn suggest ideas which influence elements found in the portrait paintings.

Both strands of my work are intended to pose questions about time and place and to suggest a narrative.